Our Chefs

At Asiana, we believe the key to a great dining experience lies in the food we serve. Our Chefs are behind the scenes serving up tasteful selections every hour, every day!

Chef Sathean Panichakornkul

Mr. Sathean Panichakornkul, who is called “Uncle” by many, has been with Asiana since 2001. Up until now, his passion and dedication towards the company is unbelievable. A teacher from Thailand, he wanted to share his love for cooking to us all! “Uncle” is Asiana’s Sushi Chef for more than a decade.

Chef Shangneng Huang

Chef Shangneng Huang worked in the hospital and 4 years in the military, where he learned that quality food was an essential ingredient to good living. Chef Huang has a great passion for cooking. Chef Huang is the Head Chef at Asiana Grand Buffet for 10 years.